25 Mac 2008

Jurnal iDAN Terkurung di Easyjournal (Singgahsana)

Sudah hampir seminggu masalah server, membuat ianya tidak dapat diakses lalu bilamana ini berlaku tak pasti apakah data yang lalu masih ada di sana...

Nampaknya kenalah membuat jurnal yang lain...



Anyone know what is wrong with right now?
I have an easyjournal blog, and I can't access anything the past few days. I can't even access the log in page. Anyone know what is going on with easyjournal? Here is the site: That way you can see the error page that comes up. Thanks!

* 1 day ago
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Hjk J

maybe they repaiping it
* 1 day ago

David R

Server Error in '/' Application
* 1 day ago


i've gone and done a search on any links associated to easyjournal..i'm curious too as i also have an easyjournal acct and cannot access it. i found the following to be the only working link for easyjournal:
Contacting Easyjournal Support
Just send us an email at Our team will respond to your question or problem promptly.
hope you get a reply soon...i'm hoping i will also.
* 1 day ago

Joseph B's
I tried sending their email address and keep getting Mailer-Daemon error messages back. I think they might be switching servers or something.

Joseph B's
It has been down since last week and they don't seem to be making any progress in fixing it.
o 8 hours ago

Wajah-Wajah 2(Delima Merkah)

Siapa agaknya si gadis ini..?