03 November 2011


SRK takes Bollywood to the next level, 27 October 2011
Author: importexport15 from United Kingdom

SRK has taken Bollywood to the next level with RA 1, you have to admire him for doing something new, there will always be your usual nonsense films like ready, bodyguard and so on, same-thing over and over with a bit of twist here and there, everyone keeps talking Hollywood is amazing & Hollywood is this and that & when someone tries to do something new some people criticise it,in Hollywood you have your super fiction & your super hero films, but tell me one Hollywood film with a decent story, there isn't one, even the biggest grossing film ever avatar had no story, people went to see it for the 3D and special effects, for the film RA 1 watch it for special effects, enjoy the 3D experience, everyone knows what happens at the end the super hero will win,its the same in spider-man,superman,batman and so on, Ra 1 is a brilliant entertaining film, enjoyable with the whole family amazing in 3D version, great visual effects, mark my words in the long run it will beat 3 idiots, its history in the making, also its the first Indian film in 3D, be proud of the film, be proud to be Indian and enjoy the experience with the whole family, thank you.

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Ra.One is Indian Cinemas Stepping Stone Into the World Of Visual Effects and SuperHeroes, 27 October 2011
Author: rojagegeo & iDAN from United Arab Emirates

Plot Synopsis A game designer creates a game from which the villain steps into reality and creates havoc..In order to defeat the villain the hero of the game is brought into reality...

Acting This is one of Ra.One's weak points...The ladies of this movie have done a half-baked job...Shahana Goswami was poor, and Kareena acted below her potential (actually I think that's all she can do!)... The kid, Armaan Verma, did a very good job..playing the arrogant kid is usually overdone by most child actors but Armaan was great.. Tom Wu did a good job as well... Arjun Rampal also did a good job, but I felt he wasn't given much room to improve.. Shahrukh was just really top-notch..............Just Kidding... Srk as usual takes the entire acting of the movie onto his shoulders...Once SRK is on screen he takes full command of the show..He does a triple-role in this movie... "Subramanium" is hilarious..i don't care what others thought but I thoroughly enjoyed his jokes and antics..I saw shades of past performances of SRK's Om Prakash Makhija(OSO) & Surinder Suri (RNBDJ)..but that's nothing bad... "G.One" is a bit rigid, but of course that's what a video game character is...G.One mainly shines in the action scenes.. "Lucifer" is a short character played by SRK in the beginning..Even though he is played in a over the top fashion, its understandable based on the situation...

So Acting-5/5

Story Universally the story has been blamed..But considering the recent stories bollywood has come up with, this is actually very good..The origin of the technology was done very quickly and if u miss certain scenes, its understandable that u may get confused..But at the heart of this movie, its not a drama, nor romantic, neither comedy...its science open mind is the first thing that is needed to enjoy the movie...


Action This is the main genre of Ra.One and it completely fulfills it..Action junkies will be surely pleased..The visual Effects go hand in hand with all the action scenes and we end up with the type of action scenes that could easily be mistaken for a Hollywood movie..


Comedy If u take out the action scenes of this movie, the movie gives priority to the comic genre..Even though Subramanium had a fun time dishing out the jokes in the first half, it becomes hard for G.One to compete with the level of jokes in the second..So we have back up comedians such as Satish Shah, who does a fantastic job...But the problem is the very risky type jokes that take hold especially in the second half..(The Airport checking scene was very very Bad)..You may even wonder whether its a PG-13 movie..the jokes are such adults will surely enjoy.


Visual Effects As I previously said, RA.One is the benchmark for Indian Cinemas in the matter for visual effects...NO movie has ever had the level of effects as RA.One, with the exception of Endhiran/Robot...The quality of the visuals are all Admirable..The scene where G.One first meets Ra.One(Blasting cars into the air) is amazing...

Visual Effects-5+/5

Music Vishal-Shekhar have done an amazing work in the music department..the music videos of "Right By Your Side","Chammak Challo","Criminal","Raftaarein" were all rocking...The video/montage of "Bhare Naina" was partially boring, but the song is one of the best..."Dildaara" is the main tune of the movie , and its rightly used..

Music Picturisation-4.5/5

Cameos Priyanka is just OK ---2.5/5. Sanjay Dutt is good---3/5. But the presence of Rajinikanth will send shivers up your spine, too bad its just 1minute long ---5/5.

Direction Ra.One is a well made movie, Anubhav has definitely improved...Though some scenes could have omitted or shortened(2,4 scenes)...the movie runs with a fast pace, but when such scenes slow it down, its possible u get bored within a minute...some more editing could have been made..


Movie-RA.One RA.One as a movie is high on visuals and graphics.Its a landmark for Indian Cinema.Comparisons with Hollywood are inevitable but those SHOULD be ignored, as they are just baseless...Ra.One has brought upon a new dawn for Bollywood, appreciate it, cause very few have done it..


Aku lebih menganggap filem adalah satu wadah hiburan buat keluarga. Amat terkilan filem ini aku tonton sendirian lantaran aku tak mahu kecewakan anak-anak jika pergi menonton filem hindustan mereka tak teruja bagai 3 Idiot. Setelah puas memujuk mereka agar dapat menemankan ayahnya menonton; semua tak mahu. Aku redah sendirian pekat malam untuk menonton Ra.One. Ada filem hindustan mengecewakan ada yang yang amat terhibur & memberikan kesan mendalam di hati anak-anak. Ra.One bagiku tidak mengecewakan; rasa terkilan pula tak berjaya memujuk anak-anak menonton bersama. Sedangkan filem ini sesuai untuk keluarga. Amat sesuai untuk si Aziq & ai Azim yang gila benar dengan permainan komputer.

Jika filem barat super hero mereka asyik menang tapi Ra.One tidak begitu. Ini adalah gara-gara Lucifer anak Shekhar mahukan orang jahat sentiasa menang. Ayahnya terbunuh bila Ra.One ujud di dunia nyata. G.One muncul sebagai pembela. G.One adalah hero yang cuba menyelamatkan Lucifer dari dendam Ra.One yang asyik dibelasah ketika dalam dunia hayalan permainan komputer.

Filem hindustan kaya dengan tarian & lagunya yang mengasyikan; dalam filem ini aku yang lama kehilangan sentuhan lagu hindustan yang menarik amat terhibur dengan banyak lagu dari filem ini. Jika si Anif gila K-Popnya pasti ada kalangan kita suka lagu hindustan. Ada banyak adengan kelakar yang mengeletek hati aku melihat Shekhar yang rambut sebijik macam rambut aku; punyalah lembab sampaikan perompak kenik pun dia tak berani nak sergah. Ada beberapa adengan kelakar & tarian ini hanya sesuai untuk dewasa tetapi rasanya taklah seporno mana sebab ianya menyentuh tentang kasih sayang dalam rumah tangga.

Skrip filem hindustan & Tamil tak siapa boleh pertikaikan kehebatannya. Aku tetap mengatakan selain Hollywood bangga dengan filem gergasi mereka; Bollywood pun apa kurangnya; cumanya mereka tak ada bajet yang lumayan. Maka janganlah nak banding kehebatan filem Hollywood dengan Bollywood dalam sudut peralatan & kecanggihan 3D filem ini.

Tontonlah di pawagam filem ini baru terasa gegarannya.

Kirk Honeycutt from The Hollywood Reporter gave the film a favorable review, adding: "India’s first attempt at a superhero movie is both vigorous and emotionally fulfilling within the context of Bollywood traditions."