06 Jun 2014

Juo machi

Aku terlibat dengan pembinaan empangan ini. Kenangan di sini memang amat sukar dilupakan. Teringin sampai di sini lagi tapi pastinya bajet & kudrat tak mengizinkan aku ke sini lagi. Juo Machi tetap menjadi kenangan yang amat bermakna dalam hidup ini.

 Juo Dam and Ryumon Falls

Living in a city like Iwaki has its advantages. Being away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, it gives a chance to enjoy nature. A short drive away from the city, there are many places which offer calm and quiet and are good places to visit during weekends. All it needs is a good car, some good company and good weather and voila you have a nice weekend trip amidst nature.
Juo Dam in Ibaraki prefecture is about 50 kms away from Iwaki city. It was not a part of the original itinerary of the Sunday outing to Ryumon Falls.
Apart from the dam, there is a clock tower with 12 bells attached. This bells are linked to the time signal and at each hour music plays to indicate the time. 

Near the dam is the Juo Panorama Park with a panorama tower, supposedly inspired by a UFO. 

The tower  offers a good view of the surrounding area.
At a distance of about 122 kms from Iwaki city lies Nasu Karasuyama city. This city is located in Tochigi prefecture and is about a 3 hour drive from Iwaki city along Highway 6 .
Nasu Karasuyama’s most popular tourist attraction is Ryumon Falls.

 These falls are not as spectacular as the Fukuroda No Taki in Ibaraki Prefecture, but nevertheless worth a visit..

 Tourists can enjoy in the shallow water flowing at the foot of the falls, something which is not possible at Fukuroda.

 Ryumon Falls is 65 meters in width and 20 meters in height. 

The name “Ryumon No Taki” translates to Dragon Gate waterfall.  
A nearby shrine where people apparently pray for the safety of their legs. The straw hangings  are said to be “slippers” offered by visitors.
The Hebihime Bridge nearby has a legend behind its name which means “ Snake Princess Bridge”. The legend says that a captured princess was rescued by a snake.
Nasu Karasuyama also has a Paper making factory called “ Washi No Sato” which means  “Village of Paper”. Here visitors can view and learn about the various steps that go in making traditional paper. A nearby museum “ Washi Kaikan” also has exhibits made of Karasuyama hand made paper.
Phone : 0287-84-1977
Address: Ryumon No Taki, Nasukarasuyama, Tochigi Prefecture, 321-0633